Easy to install

Most kits can be installed in 60 minutes or less. All hardware is provided and there is no need to drill your fender.

Works with most saddlebags

Easy Brackets fit leather, fiberglass, ABS, OEM, and vinyl saddlebags. No additional support brackets needed.

Quick release

Easy Brackets is the truly detachable saddlebag system. Install and remove saddlebags in seconds.


Why do I want to buy Easy Brackets?

Everyone will have their own particular reasons. However some of the most common are:

  • To eliminate damage to the paint on the rear fender with throw over saddlebags.
  • To be able to remove the bags in seconds when you arrive at your destination and reinstall them in seconds when you are ready to leave.
  • To return your bike to a clean cruising look.
  • To be able to install your bags to avoid conflicts such as high shot gun pipes.
How do Easy Brackets work?

Easy Brackets are shipped with all the hardware necessary to mount them to your motorcycle with only basic tools. The kit comes with (4) stainless steel docking posts which are mounted to your motorcycle fender rail with polished stainless steel bolts. They will replace the existing fender mounting bolts. The bracket is then mounted to the back of the saddlebags with the hardware provided. The bracket then slides onto the docking posts and locks into place.

Are the Easy Brackets safe and secure?

Yes. The brackets are constructed of 12 gauge steel. The brackets are equipped with a keyed locking mechanism for security when mounted to the motorcycle.

Do I need stand off guards to keep the saddlebags out of the rear wheel?

No. Easy Brackets are designed to eliminate the need for stand off guards, thus providing a very clean appearance when the saddlebags are removed.

What types of saddlebags will work with Easy Brackets?

Easy Brackets are designed to work with any hard, flat back saddlebags. If the back of the saddlebags are flexible leather, a piece of rigid material similar to thin aluminum or Plexiglas may be attached to the inside or outside of the back of the saddlebags to create a rigid surface. If the saddlebags are the throw over type, the yoke may be cut off and the exposed edge dyed with black dye or black shoe polish. Easy Brackets will also work with OEM saddlebags but may require longer bolts and shims at the mounting points due to the formed back on most OEM saddlebags.

What if I have a detachable backrest?

Easy Brackets are designed specifically for use with many detachable backrests. The Easy Bracket docking posts mount outside the detachable backrest making the two systems independent of each other.

Do I need to purchase any other hardware to use this product?

No, the kit comes complete with all necessary hardware to mount the Easy Brackets to the motorcycle using saddlebags with a hard, flat back.

Do I have to drill holes in my fender?

No, you do not have to do any drastic modifications like that to your motorcycle, although for some models you may have to relocate your turn signals.

Will the bracket remain on my motorcycle?

No, only the small docking posts will remain on your motorcycle. They are small and made from highly polished stainless steel — very unobtrusive. The brackets are permanently attached to the saddlebags.

If I have a backrest, then do I have to purchase an "Adapter Kit" too?

No. If you purchase the correct Easy Bracket kit, then everything you need is in that kit — no hidden “gotcha” fees.

If I already have the Easy Brackets and I upgrade to a backrest do I have to buy a whole new kit?

No. Backrest Upgrade Kits are available.

For my motorcycle, it says that I must relocate my turn signals. Is the turn signal relocation kit included with the Easy Brackets?

No, these must be purchased separately. Turn signal relocation kits for many models are available in our online store.

What do I do if I lose my keys?

If you know your key type and the two digit code, contact us for a replacement set of flat keys.

Note: Lost barrel keys require lock replacement.

How do I find the Easy Bracket key code?

The key code is located in three places

      1. It is stamped on upper right hand corner of the original instructions received with your Easy Brackets kit.
      2. On the keys themselves (1333 is on all the flat keys, we need the two digit number on the other side).
      3. On the bottom of the locking cam on the lock in the Easy Bracket. (see pictures below)

Note: To access the code on the bottom of the locking cam while the brackets are locked onto your motorcycle. On one side remove the two lower bolts (pictured right) holding the bracket to the bag. You should be able to gently pull the bottom of the saddlebag away from the Easy Bracket. With a flashlight look up into the inside of the bracket. You will see two digits engraved on the bottom of the cam, that is the key code.

Key code location Close up Close up Looking up from under bag